BSL-214 + OFS-VS

Cutting centre consisting of a BSL-214 horizontal splitting machine and OFS-VS vertical contour cutting machine for the automatic cutting of block ware into sheet ware and of sheet ware into contours, without any manual intervention

Cutting line BSL-214 and OFS-VS

Flexible production of sheet ware of various thicknesses and numbers at the BSL-214 in order to subsequently cut the required amount of contours at the OFS-VS

  • Simultaneous, parallel and all-automatic processing of the jobs at both foam cutting machines for achieving a very high capacity
  • Interconnection of both cutting lines by a superior control
  • Incorporation of shuttle systems for the integration of the cutting line into a complete production
  • Both machines can also be used for individual operation, even at the same time.
  • The application range of both individual machines is completely maintained, i.e. non-woven material or adhesive laminated sheet ware can be cut into contours at the vertical contour cutting machine, independently from the BSL-214 machine

Key Facts


Upholstery and furniture industry, packaging industry, automotive industryContour cutting (vertical knife)


PUR and PUR rebond foam, visco-elastic foam, reticulated foam, Basotect®, latex

Cutting Tool

BSL-214: Band knife 30 mm x 0.45 mm. OFS-VS : precision-ground micro-toothed circulating knife 3 x 0.6 mm

Technical Data



      Foundation Plan

      Loading and unloading conveyors

      • Enables an automatic loading and unloading and thus a continuous production flow
      • To be positioned upstream and downstream of the machine
      • Prevention of machine down times

      POS (Produktion Order System)

      • The machines can be incorporated into the POS (Production Order System) superior job management system by means of a corresponding software module and are hence part of a complete machine network.


      • Automatic charging of various lines
      • Allows an automatic onward transport of the cut material to be further processed
      • Individual travel paths, according to applications and the space available

      Superior Mode

      • Nesting and the creation of cutting ways is carried out automatically
      • The number of sheets to be cut by the following contour programme is automatically calculated and created and fed to the machine
      • The OFS-VS sequentially processes the cutting jobs in the order of the incoming sheets.

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