BSL-200 reversing horizontal cutting machine with belt system for the cutting and splitting of sheets of various thicknesses

BSL-200 horizontal cutting machine

The ideal entry-level model of sound construction with ragged cutting unit.

  • Semi-automatic machine for the converting of materials with leight to medium densities
  • No swivelling cutting unit (in contrast to all other machines of the BSL series)
  • However, achievement of excellent cutting results and precise sheet thicknesses by the manual adjustment of the knife binding between -1 and +5 degrees
  • Easy loading and unloading of the pieces to be cut thanks to the machine being equipped with a belt system

Key Facts


Furniture and mattress industry, automotive industry, technical articles, filter industryHorizontal cutting


PUR foam and PUR rebond foam, visco foams, Basotect ®, latex, reticulated foams

Cutting Tool

The endless band knife of 30 mm, which runs over 4 wheels, is stabilized by an upper and lower binding

Technical Data

Block Width
2 200 mm
Block Height
1 300 mm
Block Length
3 050 mm


  • Cutting angle adjustment by manual pivoting of the knife binding from -1 to +5
  • Grinding unit
  • B-Con
  • Vacuum unit


  • Central holder for the binding
  • Cooling unit
  • Grinding dust extraction unit

Foundation Plan

Binding holder

  • Manually movable centre support for stabilizing the binding during the cutting of high densities and densities such as PUR foam and visco foam

Grinding dust

  • For extracting the grinding dust during the grinding process

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