The block crusher opens the cell structure of foams


A short or long block is uniformly compressed by roller rows placed on top of each other.

The function of the crusher is that the lower roller conveyor is fixed and the upper roller conveyor can be driven in an angled position to continuously increase the compression. The adjustment is performed hydraulically at a speed of approx. 5m/min. The upper and lower roller conveyors are driven by a frequency controlled DS Motor.

  • High production capacity due to a crushing speed 15 m/min. The passage speed (without crushing) can be adjusted up to 60 m/min in both directions.
  • The upper roller row can be infinitely moved when being inclined so that the pressing power can be continuously increased and adapted to different foam qualities
  • The crushing of the foam improves its quality
  • By means of the operator panel, an all-automatic crushing cycle of several steps can be programmed
  • Utilisation as a stand-alone version as well as in an automatic line

Key Facts


Upholstery, mattress, furniture and automotive industry block crushing


HR foams, visco-elastis foams, polyether and similar materials

Technical Data

Block Width
2 500 mm
Block Height
1 300 mm
1 500 mm


  • Feed rate 15 m/min during the crushing process
  • Max. block compression: 12t
  • The upper track can be adjusted hydraulically in an angled position to increase the compression continuously
  • Lower stationary conveyor (seperate drive)
  • Hydraulic adjustment
  • The passage speed (without crushing) can be adjusted up to 60 m/min in both directions
  • Solidly welded steel construction
  • B-Con


  • Loading and unloading conveyors: the drive belt is synchronized machanically with the block crusher
  • High adjustable lower track. The upper and lower roller conveyors are adjustable hydraulically so that the compression can be increased continuously and adjusted to different foam qualities. As a result the cells are being better crushed with equal pressure
  • Reversing mode: Block can be crushed in both directions
  • Cooling unit

Foundation Plan

Transport conveyor upstream or downstream of the crusher, respectively

  • Ensures an ideal through-put of the material
  • Equipment with separate short transport conveyors, particularly recommended for the stand-alone Version. Especially for short block applications
  • With long block applications, the length of the transport conveyors depends on the maximum block length (e. g. 30, 50 or 60 m)

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