AS-1 (Angular cutting)

AS 1 angular cutting machine for simple cuts from small foam pieces

AS-1 angular cutting machine

The vertical cutting unit can be swivelled to 15° in both directions. By this, it is possible to cut a multitude of different patterns.

  • It is possible to work by the template and to bevel at the same time
  • With the twisted band knife it is possible to cut in both directions
  • Max. block height of 400 mm, optional 650 mm, in vertical basic position of the cutting unit
  • Two manually adjustable rollers on the working table facilitate the manual templating
  • Long knife lifetime as rubberized knife wheels with a diameter of 300 mm are integrated in a two-wheel cutting unit which create a sufficient bending radius
  • A motor-driven grinding unit sharpens the circulating knife and guarantees a high surface finish
  • The machine is placed on rollers and by this it can be easily relocated inside of the factory.

Key Facts


packaging, furniture, upholstery and automotive industry, medical-technical applicationsAngular cutting


PUR soft foam, HR foam, visco foam, latex, rebond foam, Basotect®, PE

Cutting Tool

Endless circulating precision-ground band knife 10 x 0.45 mm

Technical Data


  • Guiding rollers, adjustable by hand wheel
  • Manually adjustable knife guide and knife protection, respectively
  • Motor-driven grinding unit
  • Two-wheel cutting unit with knife


  • Cutting speed 3-25 m/min
  • Motor-driven lateral transport belt
  • Straight side stop, adjustable by hand wheel

Foundation Plan

Driven transport conveyor

  • Driven transport conveyor facilitates the cutting of recurring parts
  • Positioned downstream of the knife

Straight side stop

  • A straight side stop can be installed instead of the manually adjustable rollers
  • Increase of cutting accuracy

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