Moving ABLG-1 for cutting-off long blocks following continuous foaming plants or, in case there is no block or crane storage existent, for the cutting of short blocks

ABLG-1 cutting-off machine with horizontal blade

By utilizing a roller conveyor, even materials which are difficult to convert (such as visco foams), can be processed.

  • Very good cutting result as the cutting-off machine with the teflonized binding cuts over the whole block width in one stroke
  • Suited for cutting-off start-up pieces/end pieces during the foaming process, when changing the colours and qualities or for the extraction of small test pieces for a quality check
  • The reversing roller conveyor driven idler rollers (optional) serves as place for depositing the block - utilisation of the roller conveyor for converting standard foams, visco-elastic foams or foams with characteristics similar to visco foam
  • Grinding unit for precision-grinding the circulating ground band knife
  • Connection to the control of a long block or crane block storage

Key Facts


Manufacturer of block foam, upholstery, mattress, furniture, packaging and automotive industry, manufactuerer of technical articlesCutting-off


PUR-ether and polyester, HR, CMHR, visco foam

Cutting Tool

Precision-ground circulating ground knife, also available with convex serrations 30 x 0.45 mm

Technical Data

Block Width
2 500 mm
Block Height
1 300 mm
1 600 mm
Cutting Speed
Foaming speed 0,5-10 m/min


  • Electronic synchronisation with the foaming plant
  • Grinding unit
  • Length measuring system
  • B-Con
  • Rollen, vor und hinter dem Schneidaggregat (nicht angetrieben)


  • Cutting from "bottom to top: The bandage that guides the knife does not stick or clog. This ensures consistent cutting quality
  • Knife tension and grinder are on one side of the machine for more comfortable Operation
  • Drive of the rollers behind the cutting unit
  • Drive of the rollers in front of the cutting unit
  • Driven roller conveyor behind the machine
  • Reinforced drive for short block applications
  • Automatic sample Control
  • Monitoring of the cutting height
  • cooling unit

Foundation Plan

Driven roller conveyor

  • Driven roller conveyor downstream of the machine
  • A driven roller conveyor is essential für the transport of short blocks, for the removal of test pieces and when qualities and colours are changed.

Drive of the rollers before and after the knife

  • Drive rollers before and after the knife for running end pieces through the ABLG-1. For this, a roller conveyor/belt between the foaming plant and ABLG-1 must be driven
  • Start-up and test pieces as well as short blocks are further transported by the driven roller conveyor positioned downstream of the machine

Automatic grinding unit

  • The grinding unit is thrown on pneumatically
  • For cyclical grinding during foaming
  • Grinding time and cycle intervals are preprogrammed

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