ABLG-1 with roller conveyor

Moving ABLG-1 for cutting-off long blocks following continuous foaming plants or, in case there is no block or crane storage existent, for the cutting of short blocks

ABLG-1 cutting-off machine with roller conveyor and horizontal blade

By utilizing a roller conveyor, even materials which are difficult to convert (such as visco foams), can be processed.

  • Very good cutting result as the cutting-off machine with the teflonized binding cuts over the whole block width in one stroke
  • Suited for cutting-off start-up pieces/end pieces during the foaming process, when changing the colours and qualities or for the extraction of small test pieces for a quality check
  • The reversing roller conveyor with non-driven idler rollers serves as place for depositing the block - utilisation of the roller conveyor for converting standard foams, visco-elastic foams or foams with characteristics similar to visco foam
  • Grinding unit for precision-grinding the circulating ground band knife
  • Connection to the control of a long block or crane block storage

Key Facts


Manufacturer of block foam, upholstery, mattress, furniture, packaging and automotive industry, manufactuerer of technical articlesCutting-off


PUR-ether and polyester, HR, CMHR, visco foam

Cutting Tool

Precision-ground circulating ground knife, also available with convex serrations 30 x 0.45 mm

Technical Data

Block Width
2 500 mm
Block Height
1 300 mm
1 600 mm
Cutting Speed
1-10 m/min, depending on the material to be cut


  • Electronic synchronisation with the foaming plant
  • Grinding unit
  • Length measuring system
  • B-Con
  • Non-driven rollers


  • Cooling unit
  • Drive of the first 4 rollers downstream of the cutting unit
  • Drive of the last 4 rollers upstream of the cutting unit
  • Driven roller conveyor downstream of the machine
  • Grinding dust extraction unit
  • Inclined cutting-off

Driven roller conveyor

  • Driven roller conveyor downstream of the machine
  • A driven roller conveyor is essential für the transport of short blocks, for the removal of test pieces and when qualities and colours are changed.

Drive of the first 4 rollers

  • Drive for the first 4 rollers before and after the knife
  • For running end pieces through the ABLG-1. For this, a roller conveyor/belt between the foaming plant and ABLG-1 must be driven
  • Start-up and test pieces as well as short blocks are further transported by the driven roller conveyor positioned downstream of the machine

Automatic grinding unit

  • The grinding unit is thrown on pneumatically
  • For cyclical grinding during foaming
  • Grinding time and cycle intervals are preprogrammed

Inclined cutting-off

  • Swivelling of the teflonised binding to 30° or alternatively to 45°
  • For reducing the waste when cutting-off long blocks which are later to be converted by a BSV-E machine and which require an angular bonding

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