TrueScan BLOCK

3-D measurement of long and short blocks

Constant quality control

With Bäumer’s TrueScan, the 3-D measurement of long and short blocks as well as sheets and finished mattresses becomes very easy. To this end, smart 3-D block measurement devices are placed at various points of the production. When a block passes the TrueScan, its dimensions are registered. If needed, environmental data such as temperature, humidity and air pressure can be collected as well. Faults in the block can be detected via the 3-D display.


All blocks are repeatedly measured at various points of the production. This allows you to always work with reliable live data.


The weight of the cured block is compared to the blanks. This allows conclusions to be drawn about the quality of the recipe in order to adjust it, if necessary. These lessons learned continuously increase the quality.

Fault identification

Defects in blocks are marked after the measurement so the operator can react very quickly and flexibly. Faulty products are immediately identified and removed.

Quality assurance

For quality control purposes, sheets and mattresses can be measured immediately before the glueing and the packaging, respectively. Since defects in the unbonded sheets are detected at an early stage and these sheets are sorted out, the reject rate is reduced enormously, while quality is ensured on a permanent basis.

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Webinar: Do you know your block? How TrueScan simplifies your life in foam processing

Knowing the exact block dimensions is the key to produce great quality foam products. We all know how difficult that is, considering the constant dimension changes of foam. Learn how TrueScan measures foam blocks at key points of the cutting process, thereby making foam processing very easy.

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