Block storage rack system

For the storage of foam blocks after foaming.

Fresh block storage for long blocks

If the production volume is high, it is advisable to invest in long-block technology. Automatic storage systems enable high productivity and flexibility in production.

As a built-in construction in an existing hall or as a self-contained steel construction

Fresh block storage can be installed in a hall as a stand-alone storage. Alternatively, the steel structure of the storage rack hall can serve as a supporting structure for the hall enclosure at the same time. No costs for a stand-alone hall construction are incurred.

Turnkey and customized storage

Fresh block storage systems are usually planned with lengths of up to 120 m and with a customer-specific number of racks, depending on capacity and annual tonnage.

For demanding foams

The rack inserts are equipped differently, according to the diverse block qualities. Roller spacing and the width of the belts are adapted to the block qualities.

From the long block to the raw mattress

Take a look behind the scenes of mattress production and accompany every production step within the plant

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