Block lifting systems

For the transport of fresh and cured blocks with a length between 12 and 60 m.

The block lifting systems are designed in different versions depending on the conditions on site. They are usually used together with a block rack storage. Available as a manually operated system with a wireless remote control incl. position pre-selection or as a fully automatic system with block data management. Selection and manufacturing of both the monorail trolleys and the block lifting bridge are carried out in cooperation with an authorized crane specialist company, design and assembly of the block gripper are performed by Bäumer. The size of the block storage hall will be adjusted according to the planned annual tonnage and the size of the curing storage.

Block gripper

The gripper module is a block gripper that has been specially developed for the transport of foam blocks. To achieve the optimal cross drive speed and prevent swaying during the cross drive, the block gripper is fixed in the uppermost lift position.

Special design as a fresh block gripper

In the fresh block gripper version, the lateral support bars are equipped with additional perforated plates, which ensure an optimal fixation of the blocks with minimal contact pressure.

Steel frame construction

Each block gripper consists of a welded steel frame structure within which the gripping arms, fitted with racks, are moved.

2 block grippers per block for blocks between 45 and 60 m

From a block length of 45 m, two block grippers with separate traversing systems are usually installed. These systems can be operated synchronously as well as in separate cross drive mode.

Block lifting system in the form of monorail trolleys

Depending on the length of the block lifting system, 2 or 4 monorail trolleys and 1 or 2 block grippers are equipped with a central control system and a suitable power supply system for the electrical supply of the monorail trolleys and block grippers.

Cross driving in crane tracks

The cross driving of the crane system takes place in crane tracks available on-site. The cross driving drives are frequency-controlled.

Highest positioning accuracy

Laser measuring systems ensure extreme accuracy in positioning. A separate laser distance measurement is made for each monorail trolley. The monorail trolleys are synchronized electrically.


Low roof load

Optionally, the hoists of the monorail trolleys can be frequency-controlled to minimize the load on the hall roof.

Block lifting system as a mounted bridge

In the case of the mounted bridge design, the block lifting system is divided into two bridge systems. Single girder systems for lower loads and a track gauge of up to approx. 12 m or double girder systems for higher loads and a track gauge of up to approx. 30 m.

Control cabinet on lifting bridge

If the hall height allows it, the main control cabinet is mounted on the lifting bridge to travel with it, if necessary.


Highest positioning accuracy

Laser measuring systems ensure extreme accuracy in positioning. The system positions are determined by a laser distance measurement.

No roof load

In contrast to the version with monorail trolleys, the roof structure is not subjected to any load.

Portal version of the block lifting system

Portal block lifting systems are only used where the installation of crane rails is only possible on the hall floor.

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