OFS-HE3, 3400 mm block width for 100% more efficienty

Bäumer is now offering the OFS-HE3 with circulating knife for cutting cushions and mattresses, the fastest and most efficient horizontal contour cutting machine solution, that handles a 3400 mm block width. Now it is possible to cut instead of 2 blocks up to 4 blocks at the same time. 

With the new size, the machine is especially suited for companies that produce large quantities of the same mattress types or for mattress cutters who offer the entire range of mattress widths. Increasing the working width significantly improves machine efficiency. For example, it is possible to process mattresses with a width of 800 mm in 4 blocks at the same time, or mattresses with a width of 1.600 mm in 2 blocks simultaneously. A second center support stabilizes the knife and ensures precise cutting results. A fully automatic sheet holding-down device holds the block in place.

  • Quick bulk production of mattresses made of PU flexible foam, visco or latex
  • Flexibility in the production of a wide variety of mattress widths
  • Increased efficiency, since up to four mattresses can be produced at the same time
  • Highest possible dynamics thanks to the design principle of separated table and cutting unit drives
  • High productivity and quality when cutting simple to complex mattresses composed of materials such as PU flexible foam, PU cold foam or latex
  • Two center supports for improved knife support and greater accuracy
  • Hold-down system to secure the block and ensure superior cutting accuracy
  • Fully automatic horizontal contour cutting machine design available with automatic turntable and transport conveyors for loading and unloading
  • Using a micro-toothed knife prevents regrinding and guarantees a constant cut quality

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