Trainee trip - getting to know Fühlinger See

Every year in August, at the beginning of the new training year, our trainees start a training trip every four years.


With 30 degrees and sunshine this year we went to the Fühlinger See in Cologne. The trainees spent the day at Blackfoot Beach - a beach in the middle of the city. 

The management and the trainers had prepared various activities in advance to make it as easy as possible for the young people to get to know each other. "This was also my first day at work and I was really excited. But that went away very quickly because the right people came together to chat and get to know each other," says Justus Robert Klaas, one of the trainees.

The aim of the activities was to get to know the different characters and to build trust. The trainees were able to prove their ability to work in a team during a simulation game. The managing directors and trainers introduced the trainees to the values of our company. The company values now also accompany our trainees every working day.

In another activity the trainees built rafts. Therefore they divided into several teams. The rafts were then lowered into the water, which made the effectiveness of the teamwork visible to everyone. "Some of us went swimming because the raft dissolved," says Justus laughing. Some trainees went swimming after a short time. But that didn't stop the fun. In the evening we had a barbecue together and sat on the beach.

The joint excursion helped the new trainees to build up the basic trust on the first day, which is indispensable for successful cooperation.

For the new and also older trainees this day remains in very nice memory. Afterwards they raved about a very successful day and many new insights. They also reported that "everyone had a lot of fun and the trust and team spirit was strengthened by this trainee trip". 


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