The Product Engineering department gets a new space

Millions upon millions of people are employed in office-based work or in a knowledge management capacity – and most of them believe that they would be happier or work more efficiently if their offices had a better design. In practice, this means workstations that are able to adapt to individual needs, but above all else, it means the opportunity to take advantage of an environment that suits each different working scenario: individual offices for focused work and flexible spaces for shared projects. And this is exactly what the office redesign for our Project Engineering department has achieved.

From the very first glance at the new premises, it is clear just how much brighter, friendlier, and more generously proportioned everything is. Significant improvements have been made to the open-plan Project Engineering office, which is now quieter, offers more space to accommodate the growing number of employees, and creates a warm atmosphere – all exactly the right conditions for fostering focused, creative work. The changes became essential when the requirements that our development activities will need to meet in the future became apparent. “Sophisticated development work needs a quiet environment and areas where people can go if they need privacy. In particular, we were missing project rooms and meeting rooms that would allow us to have discussions”, says Ulrich Holzhauer, who works with software in the field of product development.

With the huge wall units reduced to a minimum as a result of the digital storage solutions that are now in place, the new concept creates a real impression. 

Smaller offices for up to four people have been set up with glazing around the sides to introduce more light. The small and large meeting rooms are also entirely new features. These elements of the design give employees the option to switch flexibly between team-based activities and project work as and when they wish.

The premises also feature an additional cubicle with test systems, where developers can test new hardware and software solutions as well as run analyses. This is designed to boost new development activities.

The workstations have been equipped with height-adjustable desks, and a carefully devised lighting concept creates a pleasant working environment. Special padded sections on the glass walls interrupt the flow of sound, while the dominant warm green color exudes an atmosphere of friendliness.

“The changes have made real improvements. The glass walls will take some getting used to, but I have no doubt that they’ll be considered normal as time goes on”, says Ulrich Holzhauer, summing up the project.


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