Superheroes wanted at the second Siegen Recruiting Slam

In today’s professional environment, companies are often engaged in a battle for skilled employees – and Bäumer is no exception. It is becoming increasingly vital to stay one step ahead in the human resources development and recruitment game. For the South Westphalia region, the key lies in emphasizing what graduates have to gain by working in this location – a long-term strategy for making it an attractive place for them to come.

For the second time, the Apollo Theater in the city of Siegen played host to a Recruiting Slam that delivered an interview format of a very different kind. A total of eight companies from a whole range of industries across the Siegen-Wittgenstein and Olpe regions took part. 

Human resources managers and general managers showed humor and creativity as they took to the stage for the slam format – presenting themselves as potential employers, showing off what they had to offer, and attempting to convince the school and university students in attendance that they were the ones to pick. Each of the brave performers was given seven minutes to say their piece in front of the jury of spectators, who then chose a winner at the end. 

On behalf of Bäumer, it was Managing Director Nina Patisson who took to the stage with a performance entitled “Superheroes Wanted”. Donning a superhero-style cape, she threw herself into the battle for new talent with a performance in poetry format.

At the end of the event, the students were given the opportunity to talk to representatives of the various companies in a relaxed atmosphere. For some, this meant finding out more about the company in general, while for others it was a chance to discuss a specific job post. Events like this leave both companies and graduates with positive experiences that have the potential to lead to important contacts – so that the two sides can develop career opportunities together.

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