This horizontal splitting machine boasts many features. Visitors are excited about its applicable versatility, greater cutting accuracy, extremely clean cutting surfaces, less waste and the ability to shorten cycle times.

The customers are very interested in our machine, which can split much harder highdensity materials with hardnesses above 40 shore A. Customers that have to process very hard materials are now eyeing the SPLIT-HE 500. Particularly in terms of PE materials, the machine can split densities of over 100 kg/m³. It generates interesting conversations," said Harald Kullmann, General Manager of Sales at Bäumer.

More stability and greater holding forces

The knife bar with a new geometrical shape, which combines the properties of greater stability but also reduced friction with an exact cutting guide! The more stable suspension of the press roller and the resulting rigidity of the guide, as well as the significantly more stable press roller with an increased diameter, result in very good cutting tolerances. The more sturdy material support bench also has a supporting effect.

"The technical improvements in particular are very well received by our customers and interested visitors from the foam processing industry, especially due to the improved knife technology and reduction in waste. The industry appreciates higher quality with reduced costs, " Harald Kullmann said.

Improved knife technology for more power and accuracy

The knife tension of the Split-HE 500 has been increased, thus offering greater resistance to the cutting forces. The knife glides more firmly and more cleanly through the material. Even with very abrasive materials and materials with high compression hardness, for example rubber rebond materials, the results are impressive. Maximum cutting quality and limit of accuracy are achieved.

Less waste

The reduction of the remaining sheet thickness to 2 mm reduces the volume of waste to a minimum. This is made possible by the new height adjustment measuring system.

Shorter set-up times

The travel speed of the vertical axle is very high. This leads to short set-up times, for the loading position is reached very quickly. This allows you to produce faster and more efficiently, thus increasing your throughput.

Effective grinding

In the very sturdy and powerful grinding unit, large grinding wheels with diameters of 150 mm are used. The knife is thus sharpened extremely quickly, which means a great improvement in effectiveness and also meets the constantly increasing demands on the precise splitting of difficult materials.

More Details: https://www.baeumer.com/en/productfinder/detail/Product/show/split-he-500/?no_cache=1&cHash=63277a8bb8334223fac0a8cbd3398fcf



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