Second hand bead adhesive application machine HM for sale

As part of the Open House, we will be showing a special version of the bead adhesive application machine, HM which we exhibited at interzum in Cologne in 2017.

As a special highlight, it is now available for sale as a young "second Hand machine" at a very attractive price.
In the classic production of spring mattresses, the makers primarily opt for the hotmelt process for bonding the mattresses. This is because a variety of fibrous and non-fibrous materials are used in the making of spring mattresses thus practically predestinating them for the non-contact hotmelt application of adhesives.
Foam-filled sandwich mattresses on the other hand are usually bonded with a dispersion adhesive applied using a roller. Therefore, if both options are required, then it will normally involve two processes and two different machines. The Lamit HM, a classic hotmelt machine has been modified with technical innovations and options to permit its universal use in mix production processes.

The Lamit HM features motor-controlled adhesive dispensing heads allowing freely-programmable applications. Its additional benefit is high because, whatever the product – sandwich mattress or spring mattress- the surface coating is freely programmable regarding the connection point and the width position. The oscillation and intermittent function opens and closes the adhesive dispensing head at freely programmable points and needs up to 30% less adhesive. A further plus is the automated return function which reverses the layers and sandwiches fully-automatically. No manual handling is required.  
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