Open House 2018

All in all, the Open House was an attraction for many experts and exhibitors.

Third Open House of Albrecht Bäumer GmbH & Co. KG: Meeting point for experts and exhibitors

Two exciting days in Freudenberg! About 200 visitors from 20 nations felt a real "WOW effect" at the third Bäumer Open House, this time under the motto "THE ART OF HIGH PERFORMANCE". "That really exceeded my expectations. A great experience", said a Bäumer customer from the mattress industry.

The program was trend-setting and did not refer exclusively to the company's own topics. Other suppliers from the industry also gave specialist lectures on their own topics such as foam block production technologies or foam adhesive solutions. "I liked the fact that, in addition to the factory tour and the machine demonstrations, there were also presentations on management highlights. There were seminars whose contents cannot only be applied to the foam industry and which I consider to be innovative. Current topics such as lead acquisition, innovation generation, lean management or website optimization," said a French seminar participant.

All in all, the Open House was an attraction for many experts and exhibitors. Visitors used this opportunity to build up knowledge and exchange experiences on current topics. By professionals for professionals. The exchange took place at a technically high and yet very entertaining level.

Live demonstrations of the most innovative Bäumer cutting and gluing machines

Most visitors were interested in the OFS-Queensize for block width 3400 mm. This machine is unique on the international market and its new dimensions make it ideal for large-volume mattress production. Even large mattress widths from 1,200 to 1,600 mm can be cut in pairs. Harald Kullmann, Sales Director at Bäumer, presented the machine: "The Queensize was of great interest for the major European brand mattress producers as well as for some Asian visitors from this sector".

Focus Software Exhibition

The software exhibition was also very well attended. The new star in the Bäumer software world is Sophie. This MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a production control system specially developed for the foam processing industry. The higher-level software records the entire foam production - from the tank farm to the finished product. Sophie collects, analyzes and visualizes the entire performance, process and quality data of the production chain. "I am very interested in Sophie. The better planning and feedback of the processes makes it possible to increase efficiency and save material." an enthusiastic customer reports from the automotive supplier industry.

Bäumer Cube was demonstrated very close to the IS-M, a vertical foam cutting machine. Cube is the 3D nesting software for cuboids. "The customers immediately recognized the huge advantage. The operator is guided through the program on the machine and even unskilled workers produce little or no waste. This makes it easier to plan material usage and residual materials are kept in the database," explains Volker Czymek, Senior Project Manager.

With Mattress Nest, complete daily mattress productions are nested fully automatically - promptly planned and piece-accurate. 

There are interesting videos on YouTube about the last programs under the keyword Bäumer Mattress Nest / Bäumer Cube.

Curiosity meets industry 4.0

A special focus was on the topic of "Business innovations from your own ressources". Dr. Carl Naughton, scientific lecturer and author, showed in his keynote speech "Always curious - why curiosity fuels Business Innovation" why and how curiosity can be encouraged in companies. Andreas Steinle from the Zukunftsinstitut presented the latest scientific methods for generating innovations with curiosity in two workshops: Curiosity meets industry 4.0. "I can imagine that we will repeat something like this in our own company. With the technology presented, ideas are not destroyed immediately, but further developed," said one workshop participant.

Project: Graphic Recording

The Open House created the perfect setting for an artistic project: Graphic Recording. An artist visually captured all ideas and suggestions of the visitors while the conversations took place and put them on a big wall in the Bäumer canteen. Everyone in the room saw and experienced this live visualization immediately and could experience the ongoing of the artwork.

Evening event with Liveact

After an eventful day, the visitors met in the new factory 3 to round off the first day. The hall shone in atmospheric blue light reflected from the white linen tablecloths. During the good meal the visitors could talk about what they had enjoyed. The supporting program was top-class. A parkour dance group showed their acrobatic skills and caused astonishment. There was dancing, laughing and the visitors as well as the "Bäumers" spent some entertaining hours together.


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