Donation to the Freudenberg food bank

Happy faces were to be seen all around as we visited the hard-working, volunteer helpers at the Freudenberg food bank to hand over our donation. The proceeds from selling the raffle tickets for the annual Christmas tombola amounted to €3,500 and were presented to the executive board of the Freudenberger Tisch food bank.

Freudenberger Tisch e.V. donates food to help those such as homeless people, the unemployed, low-income earners, and refugees who find themselves in difficult financial circumstances. It has been running for around seven years and has approximately 135 members, of which one quarter actively takes part in distributing the food.

Freudenberger Tisch e.V. is a partner organization of Siegen's food bank association and obtains the food it provides to those in need from them.

Around 260 people come to collect items every Thursday between 2:30 p.m. and 4 p.m.

An official assessment is all that is required to allow them to take away an entire basket of food in exchange for just 1 euro.

We have found that Freudenberger Tisch e. V. is achieving great things and that it is important to help people in need, in particular those from our local community, and to support social projects.

During our visit to the Freudenberg food bank, we learned that a new trailer was urgently required to transport the food items. It would appear that our donation arrived right on time!


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