Mark-free foil cutting with the BSV - the Bäumer Looper

As inventor of the long splitting system for converting foam blocks with lengths of up to 120 m into paper thin foils, Bäumer already delivered the first looper in 1957.

Mark-free foil cutting

By utilizing the servo technology for the belt drive motors, it is possible to exchange a roll without having to stop the machine completely. Albrecht Bäumer is able to reduce the machine velocity to up to 0,5 m per minute during the roll exchanging process. This is significant for the production as due to the constant continuation of the cutting process there will at no time be any unwanted marks in the foam or inaccurate cutting results. After the new roll has been wound, the machine continues to cut with the selected production speed.

Innovative after-sales service by providing service and remote diagnosis via Internet

In order to improve the after-sales service and to reduce expensive production down times, it is now possible to service the looper by remote service using a VPN connection to the Internet. Thanks to this technology the customer service is able to quick support with professional answers.

Waste reduction by fully-automatic change of the cutting thickness

Due to the option “fully-automatic change of cutting thickness“ of the looper, it is no more necessary to manually adjust the cutting thickness of the foil during the production process. This ensures an accurate cutting result from the start of the cutting process on, according to the pre-selected cutting thickness while reducing waste. Cutting angle and pressure roller are automatically adjusted to the new cutting thickness with servomotors. The operator can save cutting programmes and machine settings by means of a graphic control panel in order to call them up and use them again at a later date.


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