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The „reconditioning“, or retrofitting, principle is a proven method for extending the service life of high quality industrial goods or introducing them to a second market after their initial utilization phase is completed.

Second hand is almost like new

For decades this is how the automotive industry has been keeping expensive parts like engines, transmissions or turbochargers on hand for repairs that are in line with the vehicle‘s current market value.

Even in the familiar safety-oriented aviation industry, tires on passenger airplanes are not simply replaced, but retreaded several times.

The quality of components and entire machines, which are brought back to the factory, reconditioned and resold after their initial production phase does not suffer at all—and that is precisely what the new, attractive addition to the Bäumer product portfolio is based upon.

Bäumer plans to buy back used machines of its own brand and then first subject them to a comprehensive inspection. Assemblies or components that do not fully meet their intended requirements are swapped out or (such as in the case of electronic control units) immediately replaced with the most recent equivalent version before the machines are placed back on the market.

The result is of such high quality that the warranty issued for these types of reconditioned machines is up to one year. The same free technical support hotline available to buyers of new machines is of course also available to buyers of these high quality reconditioned products.

„With this service we are concentrating on several target groups at once,“ explains Jörn Lidde, Service Manager at Bäumer. „Customers who sell used machines or want to replace them with a new one will benefit from the fact that we will buy back the old ones under fair terms. That‘s at least easier and faster than trying to sell them on their own. Secondly, through our overhauled used models we are making it possible for interested buyers to purchase a Bäumer quality machine even if they don‘t have the budget for a new one.“

It‘s no coincidence that Bäumer of all companies is actually implementing the reconditioning concept. After all, if you can imagine the savings on energy and other resources that are possible compared to building a new machine, then it is clear how much such a reconditioning operation supports the idea of sustainability, to which the company feels especially obligated to uphold.

Please let us know if you are interested in selling one of your Bäumer machines or in purchasing a reconditioned used machine by contacting your regular Bäumer sales representative. Or use our contact form intended specifically for used machinery, which you can find on the Bäumer homepage. Or send an e-mail to 

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