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Bäumer Quality Cutting Tools

As a manufacturer with strong vertical integration, Bäumer has been producing its own wide variety of cutting tools for years. They equally match the quality, durability and efficiency of our machines and systems—no matter whether they are original equipment or replacement parts.

Bandknives for all manufacturers

The DC CBT24 „HQ“ (high quality) oscillating band knife is a brand new innovation that was designed especially for cutting pyramids and narrow contours and specifically for our OFS-222 contour cutting machine.

A special „No. 623“ cutting wire is now available for cutting blocks made of rock wool or mineral wool.  The special wire is made from new material in combination with a special type of winding.
However, if you want to shape harder materials such as balsa wood, another newly developed product, the „Type P“ contour cutting knife, would be the right choice. Thanks to the adapted toothing the pressure on the knife is reduced.

Even if your cutting machine does not carry the Bäumer logo, you may be able to use Bäumer quality cutting tools: We produce a large number of contour cutting knives that work perfectly in our competitors‘ machines. The high quality of materials and processing that go into our knives minimizes downtimes and increases efficiency. These heavy duty components also have a direct impact on the quality of the processed blocks.

You can find information on the type of knives to use with your machine here.

For information on the type of knives to use with your machine, contact:

André Schlimm
Phone: +49 2734 289-295

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