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Material know-how for cyber-physical systems

New test laboratory launched by Albrecht Bäumer GmbH & Co. KG

Science that creates knowledge

As part of Bäumer’s research and development efforts, we have established a materials testing laboratory for polyurethane foams and similar materials. Its objective is for us to even better understand the customer requirements for the machines and thus be able to respond even more accurately to their demands and set up the machines more efficiently. This scientific approach is new and very rare within the industry.

Up until now, a foam processor would first inquire if their material could be cut and if so, which machine would be best suited for the job. Bäumer’s technical department would then begin experimenting and working together with project development in order to construct a customized machine for the customer.

Now, this approach is supplemented by a scientific method. With regard to plant engineering, Bäumer is now performing materials tests of the foams that are to be processed.

In the testing laboratory, different materials are tested to expand our knowledge about their properties with respect to the processing procedure in our Bäumer machines. In the future, this should make it even easier to coordinate the materials and processing parameters of the machines. This enables the deployment of cyber-physical systems for the equipment and set-up of Bäumer machines. “We want to support our customers’ work with the best possible technical equipment so their products can satisfy the highest quality standards and be produced in an efficient manner”, says Dr. Christoph Moisel, Research and Development Director at Bäumer.

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