Career 20/04/2020

"I was with my little girl when she first crawled"

Nowadays, more and more couples decide to take parental leave on an equal footing and to share the associated tasks in child care and household.

This time is becoming even more enjoyable if the employer fully supports this plan.

Time together for parents and child

As a family-friendly company, it is important to Bäumer GmbH that neither women nor men got put stones on their path of taking parental leave. We are committed to ensure that all genders can take advantage of this offer equally and encourage especially our male employees to take parental leave.

Ankit Shrestha, Service Sales Director and employee at Bäumer for 2 1/2 years now decided to take two four-week periods of parental leave in order to spend more time with his little daughter. The young father fully enjoyed the two months and is grateful for this valuable experience: "I was with her when my little one crawled for the first time. I was so proud!"

He said that parental leave was not only exemplified by Bäumer as an employer, but also by his former supervisor: "I was advised from many sides to take this time. It never seemed to be a problem because our department is so well structured that my absence was very well compensated by uniformed processes".

The young father also did not face any problem returning to work: "For logistical reasons, I divided the time into two sections, so that I was able to get back into work quickly after one month each. But in the end it was also nice to accompany my daughter in not just one, but even two such different phases every day".

Colleagues of the family father reacted very positively to his parental leave. "Parental leave is possible with us as a team because we can always rely on each other and achieve extraordinary things together," explains Ankit Shrestha. He would also recommend the experience to his male colleagues at any time.

Ankit Shrestha opposes the statement "Parental leave is only for women". "I think that everyone should do this at some point in her or his life. On the one hand, because it is a wonderful experience and you will never be able to spend that much time with your child again," he explains, "and on the other hand, because now I know exactly how my wife feels every evening when I get home.”

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