Products 18/03/2015

Fully automatic short block handling system

With the development and market launch of short block storage, Bäumer has now succeeded in closing the final gap in the fully automatic flow of material from long block to finished part.

Short block processing newly optimised

Until now, the process looked like this: After foaming the long block, the continuously produced foam is cut to length by the Bäumer ABLG-1 machine in a continuous process, stored in the long block storage rack system and transferred to the long block or interim storage after curing. The long blocks are cut into short blocks for further processing. In the past, the automatic process was interrupted at this point. Forklifts took the short blocks to place them in storage. The accompanying block data such as quality, color, foaming date, block dimensions, etc. also leaves our system at the moment of manual block extraction. If the blocks are required at a later date for tailoring – that is, further processing into sheets or contour goods – then both the short blocks and the associated block data must be supplied manually or by means of a bar code.

The fully automatic short block storage connects directly after the long block storage and short block cutting. The newly developed handling system removes the short block after the length cutting or block trimming machine and lays it in a suitable location in the short block storage in accordance with its data.

Thus, short block storage that is equipped with 2 portals was implemented recently . Both portals work parallel in accordance with the motion tasks. Each portal is equipped with a block gripper that is mobile in both longitudinal and lift axes. Both the portal and the block gripper can travel at a max. speed of 60 m/min. The lifting speed amounts to an impressive max. 30 m/min. The storage shown here contains approx. 300 short blocks measuring 2 x 2.2 m.

Our renowned dynamic distribution shuttles, which au- tomatically feed the short blocks needed for specific or- ders to our cutting machines, connect to the short block storage. Thanks to the great diversity of our shuttle sys- tems, there is hardly any limit to the arrangement of tailo- ring machines. 

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