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ABLG-1 cut-to-length machine now even more productive

The ABLG-1 is being used to cut blocks to length after foaming. Bäumer has improved the ABLG-1 in order to meet current customer needs with regard to higher productivity.

The ABLG-1 gets an upgrade

The ABLG-1 was tested for 12 months at Hennecke GmbH, where it is located behind the JFLEX – an ultra-compact system for the continuous production of block foams – and it has proved a success.

“The ABLG-1 is used in conjunction with the JFLEX as part of our application engineering processes. Based on our findings over twelve months of operation, we can describe the system combination as the perfect duo. The performance of the ABLG-1 is flawless – even when faced with extensive cutting sequences.”

Dr Miodrag Konstantinovic, Head of Sales Slabstock Lines (Hennecke GmbH)

This cutting machine, which runs in sync with the foaming process, now offers a number of new Features:

Different drive models

The ABLG-1 is available with two different drive systems depending on the foaming speed. The machine can be equipped with a servo drive for low and high foaming speeds of 1–10 m/min. The basic version is an ideal starter model and has a powerful three-phase drive for low foaming speeds of 0.5–3 m/min. 

Higher productivity

On the one hand, short blocks and leftover pieces can now be transported using the roller conveyor where all rolls are driven.
The other option is to cut from the bottom to the top so that the binding that guides the knife does not get stuck or clogged. This option guarantees consistently good-quality cuts – recommended for visco or supersoft foams.

But there’s even more…

Simplified machine operability

The operating functions – as well as the knife tension and grinding unit – are now on one side (with the option to choose between left or right) so that the operator can work much more comfortably. This means the operator does not need to run around the machine each time. Grinding is now generally more comfortable and maintenance is easier.

New ABLG-1 significantly more compact

The compact design reduces spatial requirements in the machinery hall by 20%. This also reduces shipping costs. The modular design and moving the axis drive to the outside facilitate on-site installation and servicing. With a foaming speed of up to 3 m/min, the energy efficiency is improved through the use of state-of-the-art technology in the three-phase drive.

Proven controls

The very latest Siemens controls have now been integrated. This guarantees the availability of replacement parts and servicing options around the globe. Diagnostics can be made and faults can be rectified remotely. The convenient touch panel is the perfect complement to the user-friendly interface.

“It’s difficult to imagine achieving a continuous production of block foams without a suitable cut-to-length machine. This definitely applies to average production volumes, as is the case with the JFLEX block foam system from Hennecke, for example. The Bäumer ABLG-1 is used in conjunction with the JFLEX as part of our application engineering processes to develop products and for customer demonstrations. Many parameters of the test series are comparable to conventional production conditions, which makes the findings relevant to practical daily applications under real conditions. Based on our findings over twelve months of operation and countless foaming tests, we can describe the system combination as the perfect duo. Particularly in laboratory operations and based on the premise of manual removal of the cut blocks, we often face an extremely fast cutting sequence with block lengths of less than a meter. The performance of the cut-to-length machine remains flawless even in the face of these requirements. Here we can count on reliable and precise cuts at just the right point paired with low maintenance requirements and easy removal thanks to the automated roller conveyor.”

Dr Miodrag Konstantinovic, Head of Sales Slabstock Lines (Hennecke GmbH)

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