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A perfect match: Bäumer and ARPLANK

When a new and innovative material is launched on the market, the manufacturer has a lot to consider.

Our guiding motto at Bäumer is "We don't know what you want to cut, but we know that we can do it". In our in-house technical testing centre, we have several machines and experienced application engineers available to test new materials for optimum processing on the cutting machines.

ARPLANK - a new foam is introduced

Last week, we had the honour of welcoming Jiri Slezak from JSP to Freudenberg. In his luggage, Jiri had the foam material ARPLANK, which has been newly introduced in Europe.

ARPLANK is a highly resilient closed-cell material in plank form, made from expanded polyethylene (EPE) bead foam. It is used for applications such as packaging and cushioning, expandable and returnable dunnage, thermal management and flotation.

ARPLANK is a product made from high quality, non-cross-linked EPE foam that is 100% recyclable and, when manufactured in Europe is made from 25% recycled content.

ARPLANK was tested in various qualities with densities of 20 and 45 kg/m³. Initially, sheets in thicknesses of 1-50 mm were successfully cut on the Split-HE 500 splitting machine while retaining the positive physical properties, such as the novel geometry of the cell structure of ARPLANK.

As the foam material, which is particularly synonymous with sustainability, is ideally suited for high-quality packaging solutions, tests were then carried out on the OFS-VS Vertical Contour Cutting Machine. Tightly nested contours and sharp edges convinced Jiri, that ARPLANK and Bäumer machines make a perfect match.

You can find more information about the material here

You can find a video of the cutting tests on our Youtube Channel.

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