Edge-rounding machine

Rounding off cut edges with a height between 70 and 200 mm

Cutting to round off edges

Edge-rounding machine for continuous cutting with cutting heights from 70 mm (radius 35 mm) to 200 mm (radius 100 mm)

Precise cutting

A motor-driven grinding unit ensures a high-precision grinding of the knife.

Easy installation

Due to the compact design and the simple control system, the machine can be independently installed and commissioned.

Constant cutting quality

Driven conveyor belt improves the transport of the material to be cut through the knife and ensures constant cutting quality.

Flexible use

The flexible knife guide makes it possible to vary cutting heights continuously from 70 mm to 200 mm

Technical data

Edge rounding machine to cut vary heights continuously from 70 mm (radius 35 mm) to 200 mm (radius 100 mm)

  • Material

    PU soft foam, light rebond foam, latex, PE, PP

  • Cutting tools


  • Cutting speed

    Cutting speed 3 - 20 m/min

Foundation plan



  • Band knife lubrication

    Automatic, finely dosed lubrication of the band knife

  • Optimal transport

    Driven conveyor belt for an optimal transport of the material to be cut, cutting speed 3 - 20 m/min

  • Motor-driven grinding unit

    For the precise grinding of the circulating ground band knife.


  • Perfect gliding of the material

    Attachment table for a better gliding of the material during the rounding-off process (recommended with profiled and extremely soft materials, e.g. latex)

  • Smaller heights and radii

    Special shapes of knife guides (according to customer demand) for cutting smaller heights and radii.

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Edge-rounding machine

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