Horizontal splitting machine

Cutting very hard and compact materials, band saw

Cutting rigid foam with a hardness of up to 70 Shore

Splitting machine for cutting sheets and block material with volume weights of up to 450 kg/m³ with the highest accuracy.

Vacuum pump

Due to the excellent fixation of the sheets and blocks, a high cutting accuracy is achieved.

Technical data

The BSR for rigid foam is a universal horizontal cutting machine for the cutting of hard and compact materials with a set knife.

  • Dimensions

    Standard Options
    Width1400 mm1800 mm, 2200 mm
    Height800 mm1000 mm, 1100 mm, 1300 mm
    Length2200 mm3300 mm, 4400 mm, 5500 mm, 6600 mm
  • Material

    Block and sheet material made from PUR rigid foam, PVC rigid foam, PET materials, cardboard packaging, honeycomb, polystyrene/EPS

  • Cutting tools

    BS1 No. 26, BS1 No. 35


Foundation plan



  • Block weights of up to 450 kg/m³

  • Guiding of the set knife

  • Light barrier

    Light barrier for material identification

  • Cooling unit

    In order to guarantee a safe operation of the machine, the entire interior of the switch cabinet is cooled.

  • Reversing table

  • SOPHIEaccess

    Networking of the machinery and the operative functions.

    More information


  • Dust extraction

    Additional dust extraction channels.

  • Block weights of up to 800 kg/m³

  • Reinforced table drive

  • Special vacuum implemented as a vacuum pump

    Vacuum pump for the cutting of special materials which need a very strong vacuum due to their internal stress. Due to the excellent fixation of the sheets and blocks, a high cutting accuracy is achieved. The otherwise necessary turning of the block is not required anymore

  • Vacuum

    The vacuum unit ensures an optimal fixation of the material to be cut during the cutting process.

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Horizontal splitting machine

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