Our promise of performance


Our bonding production lines combine precision mechanics with smart controlling, primarily for use in the mattress industry.

In order to achieve excellent bonding results, the quality of the adhesive and, in particular, its precise application, are utterly crucial: This is the only way to produce a high-quality end product. The various highly developed techniques used in the application of adhesives by our Lamit adhesive bonding machines ensure optimal initial adhesion. Even the bonding of different materials can be achieved: Possible only with a uniform, consistent application—something that our machines deliver in a unique fashion. This brings three advantages all at once:

  • High productivity due to low scrap rates
  • High process reliability due to low downtimes
  • Maximum profitability

Another milestone in the development of even more precise bonding results is the use of non-contact bonding application processes, which are already being used successfully by many customers. The application systems in use in this field are freely programmable and servo-driven. Mattress production often sees a variety of fibrous and non-fibrous materials bonded together. Exceptional bonding results can only be achieved if the adhesive is applied evenly, with, for example, no fiber residues settling on the roller. And this is precisely where the significant advantages of contactless adhesive application come to the fore, facilitating precise, perfect bonding.

Smart handling systems are a useful tool along the path to a top class product. For example, mattresses in the production line are not only pressed to perfection; they are also stacked and transported off the line with the utmost precision.


By combining bonding application machines with the right handling systems in a modular system, extremely efficient production lines with high output volumes can be created. In doing so, we ensure the possibility of production diversity. This includes all types of mattresses, from the simple Bonnel spring mattress to high-quality pocket spring mattresses and foam sandwich mattresses.

  • Efficient Data Flow
    The mattress product data, such as size, material and mattress type, is entered just once. The mattresses are then automatically bonded. The master control of the production line does all of the work, controlling the machine and the handling systems.

  • Cutting and Bonding, Combined
    The production lines operate particularly efficiently in conjunction with Bäumer cutting machines. For example, the configuration data (size, quantity, contour selection, etc.) are transferred from the cutting machine to the adhesive application machine via the master control system. If a contour has been cut, e.g., a wave pattern, then the application of the adhesive follows exactly the same pattern. And all this fully automated right from the beginning, with no need for any manual input.

  • Reduced costs
    Defining and controlling the quantity of applied adhesive reduces the costs of bonding processes.

  • Integrated Cleaning Aids for Dispersion Bonding Application Machines
    Bonding machines are not easy to clean. The procedure is time-consuming. Lamit bonding machines feature a convenient large access door. The complete bonding unit can be removed laterally from the adhesive production line in a way that it is accessible from all sides.

  • Control
    Our customers are particularly enthused by our smart, user-friendly control system. It is used to organize and automate processes in the bonding of foams in a modern production line, from cut foam right through to the finished product. This allows machines to be controlled from a higher level. The linking of several machines and intermediate handling systems is achieved using a central control system. This provides a further advantage as it reports any faults to the user for correction, who is prompted with the machine’s own self-diagnosis recommendations. 50% of all errors can be quickly rectified by using the self check feature on the control panel.


The integration of the Lamit delivery program into the Bäumer Group means that, as a customer, you will benefit from the addition of another foam processing production step from Bäumer. Cutting and bonding belong together. This brings advantages:

  • Process reliability: We will help you to optimize your processes, always keeping the entire production line in mind, not just an individual machine. This results in stable and easy-to-use  processes that run automatically.
  • Your production line featuring cutting, bonding, and handling previously required three contact partners – now it is just one.
  • Experienced Bäumer designers will work with you to develop high-quality technological solutions.
  • All of the Bäumer services relevant to your business are at your disposal.
  • Qualified mechanical and electrical technicians from the Bäumer service hotline are on hand to support you and find quick solutions to problems.
  • Thanks to Bäumer’s expansive network of representatives, we have contact partners all around the world, who speak your language.
  • The availability of spare parts is high due to Bäumer;s process-oriented warehousing and logistics structure.
  • Bäumer’s large pool of employees means that a qualified application technician is always available.
  • Every component of a production line works perfectly in conjunction with another, because they all come from under one roof.

Our promise of performance

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About us

The company Lamit has been a supplier of automated adhesive application systems and line design concepts for producing raw mattresses primarily for the mattress manufacturing industry since 1989. Lamit is a pioneer in the design and production of automated modular systems and line concepts for all common bonding processes in the mattress and foam processing industry.

In addition to specialized Lamit application systems for processing polyurethane adhesives for various foam products (just one example), Bäumer's Lamit bonding technology offers two different adhesive application processes for the mattress industry. Depending on the application and, in particular, on the mattress type, either water-based dispersion adhesives or hot-melt adhesives are used.