Lamit History


  • Lamit was founded in 1989. At that time, mattresses were manufactured using conventional upholstery processes, with the vast majority being stapled. Lamit was a pioneering force in developing machines which allowed mattresses to be bonded with adhesive.


  • The first bonding application machine that met ecological requirements was developed in 1990, with solvent adhesives replaced by dispersion and hot melt adhesives.

1991 - 2014

  • A constantly developing portfolio saw more and more modern mattress production lines with integrated and automated handling systems being developed. Over the years, Lamit has grown into a global leader in the manufacturing of bonding application machines for all of the adhesive processes used in mattress production.


  • Albrecht Bäumer GmbH & Co. KG incorporated Lamit’s product range in recognition of our strategic goal that cutting and bonding belong together, creating synergy effects that deliver enormous competitive advantages to our customers.


  • In 2016, Bäumer presented a new, fully automatic solution for foam cutting in conjunction with foam bonding: The OFS Twincut horizontal contour cutting machine was showcased in combination with the HM caterpillar bonding machine. The HM is primarily used for the production of inner spring mattresses. By adding to the various options, Bäumer revealed that it could also be used to produce foam sandwich mattresses in mixed production. A robot was deployed between the two machines. Cutting and bonding, always with the perfect handling system, and all from under one roof. Click here for more information

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About us

The company Lamit has been a supplier of automated adhesive application systems and line design concepts for producing raw mattresses primarily for the mattress manufacturing industry since 1989. Lamit is a pioneer in the design and production of automated modular systems and line concepts for all common bonding processes in the mattress and foam processing industry.

In addition to specialized Lamit application systems for processing polyurethane adhesives for various foam products (just one example), Bäumer's Lamit bonding technology offers two different adhesive application processes for the mattress industry. Depending on the application and, in particular, on the mattress type, either water-based dispersion adhesives or hot-melt adhesives are used.