Lamit develops and produces automated production lines for the bonding of foams 

A modular principle is applied to combine bonding application machines with handling systems to create comprehensive production lines with a focus for the bonding of foams, achieving an impressive degree of automation through smart controlling. Plus, production lines can be expanded to include Bäumer cutting machines. Cutting, bonding, right through to the finished product—made to your specifications and all from under one roof.

Good adhesive strength, adhesive durability in the event of temperature fluctuations, and a uniform adhesive application rate and depth are all vital for ensuring the quality of the final product. With some bonding processes, the bonded products can be processed immediately (e.g., pressing and packaging). Our production lines enable you to achieve the highest degree of precision, quality, process reliability, and automation.

The result is the manufacturing of mattresses of all types and other foam-based end products which feature different types of foam bonded together. Foam, spring core, and sandwich mattresses as well as fully bonded products from various other industries (packaging, upholstered furniture, automotive, etc.), can thus be produced automatically, including even mixed production.

The Lamit adhesive application machines work using the tried-and-tested caterpillar and roller application process,with the latter utilizing cold and hot melt application.

Depending on the process, the bonding application machines process special polyurethane adhesives, water-soluble dispersion adhesives (foam and sandwich mattresses), or hot melt adhesives (spring core and pocket spring mattresses).).

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About us

The company Lamit has been a supplier of automated adhesive application systems and line design concepts for producing raw mattresses primarily for the mattress manufacturing industry since 1989. Lamit is a pioneer in the design and production of automated modular systems and line concepts for all common bonding processes in the mattress and foam processing industry.

In addition to specialized Lamit application systems for processing polyurethane adhesives for various foam products and this is just one example. Bäumer's Lamit bonding technology offers two different adhesive application processes for the mattress industry. Depending on the application and, in particular, on the mattress type, either water-based dispersion adhesives or hot-melt adhesives are used.

Albrecht Bäumer GmbH & Co. KG incorporated Lamit’s product range in 2015.