Digital Foam Summit: Future Talk with Pikolin

Sustainability, Digitalization, Circular Economy, Going Green: What will the mattress industry of tomorrow look like? These and other questions will be discussed with Francisco Pineda, COO of Pikolin, one of Spain’s market leaders in mattress manufacturing.

November 30, 2021 | 09:30-11:00 a.m. (CET) | 02:15-03:45 p.m. (CET)

Steps towards the future

In 2016, Francisco Pineda, COO of Pikolin, one of Spain’s market leaders in mattress
manufacturing and retail, ventured into the digitalization of his entire foam production.

Following a green field approach, a state-of-the-art production plant for mattresses
with a focus on volume and variety was created within a year.

As a guest at the Digital Foam Summit and almost 5 years after the plant was commissioned,
Francisco Pineda answers our questions:

Has the investment been worth it?

    What are the benefits, what are the pain points?

    What are the lessons learned and what would he have done differently from today’s point of view?

Pikolin Group

Pikolin Group is the second largest European rest group and the first family group in the sector in Europe, leader in the Spanish and French markets, with a turnover of more than 440MM euros per year. A multinational company with more than thirteen commercial brands, a team of almost 3,000 employees and more than 10 production plants around the world (seven production plants in Europe, two in Southeast Asia and one in South America).
A committed, family-owned company that makes a continuous effort in R&D&I in order to carry out its growth strategy.



Elisabeth Steuber, Head of Marketing

Elisabeth Steuber works for Bäumer for 16 years already. She's not only responsible for corporate communications but also for events like the Digital Foam Summit. She is the host of this event and will guide you through.


Francisco Pineda, COO Pikolin

Francisco Pineda studied engineering at the Polytechnic University of Catalunya. After finishing his degree, he moved to UK to work on design and development of Automotive Airbags. Whilst in the UK, he studied a Master on Business Administration. In 1992, he joined Vicktor Achter GmbH, a company that was later taken over by Milliken & Co., with the goal to start its Airbag Division, serving in the position of Business Manager. In 2008 he studied PADE at IESE, Barcelona, and in 2009 then joined Pikolin SL as Industrial Director, promoting to Operations Director in 2014.

As Operations Director at Pikolin, he supervised the design and construction of a new greenfield site of 225.000 m².

Stephan Hohenadl, Sales Director

Sales Director Stephan Hohenadl joined Bäumer in 2019. The business graduate has primarily specialized in the topics of topline growth and sales operations and supports the company in these aspects in his role as a member of the company management.


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