ProCUT offers an improved lifetime for abrasive material

The hardened tooth tips make ProCUT a premium type among the toothed band knives and enhance our highquality standard product range. ProCUT is perfectly suitable for processing special materials for example on contour or vertical cutting machines.

 Advantages of ProCUT at a glance:

  • Increase of service life by up to 40 % depending on material and machine
  • Increase of the degree of hardness of the tooth tips by up to 25 %
  • Higher process security as the knife remains sharp for a longer time
  • Increase of your productivity as in the long run less knives have to be exchanged
  • Allows to cut special materials (such as rebond foam with a volume weight of up to 200 kg, melamine foam, pressed filter foam, Basotect or sponge with scouring fleece)
  • The optimum physical features of the knife, such as elasticity are maintained
  • Only the tooth tips of these knives are hardened with a special and unique technology

HQ for special machine types with ground knifes

The high quality band knives have been given their name by the extremely low admissible tolerance range of the knife back and the knife edge and thus provide utmost cutting accuracy. They are perfectly suitable for splitting, peeling, profiling and horizontal cutting machines for example.

Advantages of HQ knives at a glance:

  • Very low tolerances of the knife back and the knife edge allow a high cutting accuracy
  • Much longer service life of the knife due to harder knife steel
  • Increase of your productivity due to fewer knife changes
  • Higher process security thanks to improved steel quality
  • Grinding time decreased by 10 % because of a precise pre-sharpening
  • After competition of quality control and tolerance certification a test certificate is issued and will be supplied with the band knife

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