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For clever advertising experts it is easy to write about the merits of a company and to fill in line after line. And yet these will never have the weight and significance of those of the customer himself. That is why your opinion matters. Write and tell us about your experience. We welcome both praise and criticism: here is the email address of the marketing department:

Sharp drop in waste rate

"Besides the quality of the machines, the good service and technical support by Bäumer is a major reason for the longstanding cooperation between our companies. Through the use of Bäumer machines we have been able to improve our waste rate."

IHK Siegen grants award to Albrecht Bäumer GmbH & Co. KG "Global market leader and best performances in the industry from South Westphalia"

As a leading manufacturer of machines and systems for cutting, processing, and transporting foam, Bäumer is one of the 24 "Hidden Champions" in the region of Siegen Chamber of Industry and Commerce, and won an award for "Global market leader and best performances in the industry from South Westphalia". Through its innovativeness, international awareness, attractiveness as an employer and progressive products, Bäumer fulfills all of the criteria of a global market leader and at the same time of an ambassador for South Westphalia throughout the world.

Not cheap, but cost-effective

"You soon become aware of Bäumer: the brand is very well known. However, we were convinced by the machines "Made in Germany", which are well thought out and designed for durability: not cheap, but very cost-effective. Like the OFS-HE3, for example."

Technically sophisticated cutting machines

"We are clearly Bäumer fans! Bäumer is exactly the right contact for us in matters of technically sophisticated machines. We have our machines in 3 halls, and we got most of them from Bäumer."

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The Albrecht Bäumer GmbH & Co. KG has been a leading manufacturer of machines and equipment for the foam industry for 70 years. The company focus is on special machinery and equipment. In this area, we have grown as a medium-sized company from pioneer to world leader.

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