Nina Patisson – the heart of Bäumer

inspiring – family-focused – unconventional

Albrecht Bäumer is her great-grandfather, and he left behind an impressive legacy. Nina Patisson is running the family-owned business in the 4th generation with warmth and passion. She embodies Bäumer like nobody else, and lives the philosophy of the company as did her father and grandfather before her. But the way here was not always easy. Even when she was young, she saw not only the sunny side of the business, but also the cares and concerns which her father, Helmut Kritzler, told her about at home.

Remain true to yourself and go your own way

After her International Business studies, she worked for ALHO Holding and was sent to their subsidiary in Paris for several years – a stroke of luck, for here she was able to contribute her intercultural competence, her love of other countries as well as foreign languages. It was her father's wish that she should join the company, but for Nina Patisson it had always been clear that she did not want to join the company as the daughter of her father, but on the same terms as everyone else. The time then came in 2011 – she took the decisive step and started working for Bäumer as Head of Marketing. 

Warmth and business thinking, united in one person

In order to get to know the products and the customers' needs even better, she soon afterwards assumed the position of Service Manager, and at the same time became the "right-hand man" of her father, Helmut Kritzler. Nina Patisson joined the management board in 2013, when her father retired. She combines warmth and business thinking in one person. Nina Patisson invited her brother-in-law, Jan Henrik Leisse, to step on board to help her. Together they are successfully guiding Bäumer into the future.

„Idleness and inactivity are the worst things for me.“

Nina Patisson


You are not only Managing Director, you are also continuing a long tradition. How do you deal with this particular responsibility?

I am always aware of my responsibility. Right from the start, it felt right to work for our family-owned business. I am continuing the tradition that our focus should always be on the customer. Our job is to listen to our customers' needs and to find innovative solutions. Through our service locations and our dealer network, we are close to our customers. Thanks to our outstanding engineering, we can supply our customers with all-in solutions tailored to their needs, from a single source. 

In addition, I am proud of the good team spirit among our workers. The feeling of belonging together is very important and needs to be preserved.


What standards do you have as an employer?

The family founded the company a long time ago, and established itself as an employer interested in the development of the region. Our goal for the next few years is to become one of the best employers here. In future the market will be an employees' market, and I am preparing the company for this. Our success depends on the performance, skills, health and commitment of our workers. We are working to improve processes and combine family and work. This is why we have flexible working hours, home office for commuters and solutions for mothers and nursing relatives. We look after our young workers and offer internships abroad in our subsidiary in America. And that is not all. 

„We are working to improve processes and combine family and work.“

Nina Patisson


What is your vision for Bäumer?

We can only achieve our long-term targets with a team spirit across all departments. We want our staff to work independently and responsibly and to identify with their tasks. Our management is value-based. In future, management tasks must be defined differently, because that will be the key to future success. I also want the Bäumer brand to be seen worldwide and to gain even more attention. We are a niche sector, but we are innovative. This is why I also sometimes use unconventional methods. In certain areas, being the pioneer has competitive advantages.


How does your family support you?

My children make me aware of what life is. And the constant factor in my life is my husband – my long-term coach who supports me. For me, home is where my family is, this is where I'm at home and in good hands.

Jan Henrik Leisse – the go-getter

future-oriented – strategic – cosmopolitan

His roots are clearly in the Siegerland region of Germany. He grew up in a suburb of Siegen, and set out from there to conquer the international world. First he wanted to study art or architecture, but then things all turned out quite differently. He quickly finished his civil engineering studies at Siegen University, graduating with distinction. Things then continued at a scorching pace: first Construction Manager with Demler Spezialtiefbau, then further studies at the WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management. There he caught the consultant business "virus", and then he worked as Project Manager with Struktur Management Partner. The experience he gained there stood him in good stead from 2011 onwards, as Manager for Corporate Development in the Viessmann Group. A meteoric career, until he finally found his vocation in 2013 as Managing Director of Albrecht Bäumer GmbH & Co. KG. 

Reorientation is the motto

The whole thing was triggered by a call from his present colleague and sister-in-law Nina Patisson, who at that point in time was already on the management board of Bäumer: "Jan, I need you here. We have to restructure Bäumer and gear it to the future." He was really happy to receive the call, for he had been hoping to work in the family-owned business for some time.

Recognizing and making use of potentials

Leisse was happy to take up the challenge: "There is a lot to do here. The apples are hanging low, it's time to pick them!" He quickly recognized the enormous potential for Bäumer, and the position as CEO in his own family-owned business with a free hand and great flexibility suited his thirst for action.

„I got to know the world as a modern nomad, but today I apply my energy to Bäumer.“

Jan Henrik Leisse


What are your goals for the next 5 years?

We need a stable, double-digit return on sales. Besides this goal, the establishment of an independent second management level is important. We need a future-proof organizational structure that consistently pursues the goals it has set itself.


Would you describe your first machine sale for us?

I remember it well – it really wasn't easy! I traveled to Turkey, together with the Sales Manager, to an enormous group of companies. The other party used all possible tricks to try to force us to make concessions. After prolonged discussions, we flew back pretty tired, but happy with a fair contract.


What does home mean to you?

My family and the center of my life are in this region. This is where I am at home. I like the people, the atmosphere and the weather (laughs). I would not like to live in a country in which there are no seasons. Nowhere in the world does it smell and feel like here. My social contacts are also extremely important. I need people around me, above all my wife and my sons, for whom, unfortunately, I usually do not have enough time. At the same time, however, I like the international character of our customers. It is exciting to meet customers from different cultures and with very different characters. It is this multi-faceted mixture that makes it so interesting.


What do you do if you want to really relax?

Sport! I love all kinds of water sports and sailing. I have done many crazy things with my racing bike, for example a tour of Tunisia.  I used to cycle competitively. Besides swimming, it is the catalyst I need to turn stress into positive energy.


The last question is addressed to both of you. There are two of you running the business. Is this a blessing or a curse?

A blessing, absolutely! I would never manage this alone. The range of issues is far too big. Nina is responsible for communication issues, and pushes these forward. We understand each other perfectly, and do not need long discussions, because we often have the same ideas and so quickly come to an agreement. And if we are not of the same opinion, the contrast definitely creates added value. 

Definitely a blessing! It is important that we should mirror one another and that open criticism should take place between us. This is how we benchmark each other.

To be successful, I need a partner I can rely on, one who leaves me enough freedom for my thoughts and actions. She is exactly the right one. Nina never cramps my style. I can also leave certain topics to her and know that we are still working towards the same goal. 

Jan is more analytical, while I am more trustful and more spontaneous. I never make any decisions without my gut feeling. What I particularly like about Jan is that he is so obliging and reliable. We have the same family values, and set high standards as far as the topics are concerned. We understand each other without words.

I am responsible for the hard skills, and Nina more for the soft skills. And that makes sense. She has the better feeling for interdisciplinary topics, and handles them more competently than me.

The trust between us is absolute, and that is our basis.

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