Bäumer's Managing Director

In 2021, Christoph Hauck will become the first external managing director in the company's 75-year history to assume the position of sole managing director at Bäumer. With stability and sustainability, he wants to keep the “big ship” Bäumer on course, relying in particular on almost 400 motivated employees.
Bäumer is a matter of the heart for him, a perfect match, so to speak.


Consistent – passionate – familial: Christoph Hauck

Christoph Hauck appreciates both the sense of togetherness of a family business and the cooperation with many different nations and cultures.
His top priorities are being a first-class supplier for customers and creating satisfaction for shareholders as well as sustainability for the workforce.


Those who do not know the past cannot understand the present and cannot shape the future.

This quote from Helmut Kohl is a particular inspiration for Christoph Hauck's work. When he joins Bäumer, a company rich in tradition, he will not change everything right away. “What counts is what was and is,” says Christoph Hauck. “It takes time, caution, alertness and also mindfulness to make the right adjustments.”

I feel like I have arrived at home!

Christoph Hauck

In the 75 years Bäumer has been in existence, this is the first time that the company will be managed alone by a non-family member/external managing director. How do you handle this special responsibility?

This is already the second time I have taken on this responsibility. Back in 2001, I became the first external manager of a company after the family left, and it went extremely well. I am aware of the concerns of employees and business partners. I would like to see a “silent transition”. I achieve this by acting as if it were my own company, with prudence and a well-founded weighing of opportunities and risks for every decision. Ultimately, I expect exactly the same attitude from every employee.


What do you particularly appreciate about Bäumer?

Bäumer is an excellent builder of special machinery, a hidden champion.
I particularly like the sense of togetherness that comes with a family business.
I actually feel like I have “arrived at home”. At the age of 21 I left my home country, worked in various positions all over Germany and abroad, I got to know the world and now I have my workplace right on my doorstep. I am not concerned with aspects such as comfort, but I feel that my journey is complete, that I have arrived at my destination and that I can now take on this challenge with all my experience.


I believe in a well-functioning team.

Christoph Hauck

No successful business management without ...

... motivated employees. I believe in a well-functioning team, in cooperation and in the sense of responsibility of each employee. Everyone is responsible and everyone is important! But I also expect all employees to act with prudence, as if it were their own company, just as I do.

Do you have a favorite subject at work?

I have always been working in the field of technology and sales. A balance between automation, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and mechanics is important to me. I actually feel more than just an affinity for special mechanical engineering; I think there's love involved. Given my experience and routine in project controlling and finance, I approach this new task with a great deal of calm and confidence.

Reliability is my top priority!

Christoph Hauck

What is important to you in the customer relationship?

Reliability is my top priority! Being there for the customers 24/7, honesty, fairness and long-term orientation are of the highest importance for me. But the exchange is also important: Listening to and implementing customer wishes moves the company forward.

What do you have respect for, Mr. Hauck?

Of course, I have the greatest respect for the task as Bäumer's managing director: I have respect for my responsibility, but it doesn’t give me sleepless nights. Risks must always be carefully weighed, and opportunities seized.

Where do you draw your strength for the task?

On the one hand, I draw strength from my stable family, consisting of my wife, my daughter and my dog, who always stand behind me. For balance I like to ride my mountain bike and motorcycle a lot, traveling inspires me. Ultimately, I just like working, I enjoy it and I enjoy interacting with the people in the company.

You can read the whole interview with Christoph Hauck here.

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