Trainee with experience abroad - Joshua Reinhardt

Combining business with pleasure: our trainee Joshua Reinhardt did not need to be asked twice when he was asked if he would like to be the first Bäumer trainee to spend a 4-week internship with one of our foreign subsidiaries.

How is life in the US?

Joshua had already shown interest in a period abroad at an early stage. So it was clear he would be the first for this project. He was curious about the experience he would gain, and simply wanted to see „what‘s going on in the US“. At school he had not been so interested in languages, and now he was worried about whether he would manage to cope the Baumer of America subsidiary. At the end of the day, however, his motto was „I‘ll get by somehow“.

In his third year of training, the time had come. An exciting time began …

Joshua and Philipp got along right away

He enthusiastically packed all his stuff and went to Frankfurt Airport, destination: Towaco, New Jersey. It was the first time he had traveled without friends or family, and at the airport he first had to find his way; „Where do I have to go – it‘s all so big here, and so many people …."

Philipp Schuster, a member of the owner‘s family and at that time General Manager of Baumer of America, was waiting for him at the airport. Together they set out for Towaco, which is located 30 km North-West of New York City. Joshua first spent the weekend with Philipp and his family so that they could get to know each other. They got along right away. Then on Monday morning they went to work together.

Host family dear to his heart

Joshua was already being expected by his colleagues, and received a warm welcome. His host mother, Susan McPherson, was one of them and had very much been looking forward to meeting Joshua. „Susan is great! She‘s a real chatterbox and always has a story to tell. And at the same time she‘s so nice and warm-hearted," says Joshua with great enthusiasm. That evening he met Bob, her husband. „Bob is just as likeable, but much quieter. He is kind and incredibly laid back. I‘ve grown very fond of both of them."

Baumer of America is like one big family

As a trainee, Joshua was able to get a comprehensive impression of the processes and procedures that are typical of day-to-day business in the subsidiary. The cooperation in the North American team is friendly, with a family atmosphere. They eat together, and all in all things are refreshingly unbureaucratic. Joshua got to know all of the departments.

Assuming responsible tasks and having fun dealing with them

His colleagues soon discovered Joshua‘s particular talent for IT. From then on, things never got boring, the first thing he did was to turn the IT infrastructure upside down. Two conference rooms were fitted with the latest equipment, applications were optimized, and now there was a contact person for all technical problems. Joshua was needed, and he helped wherever he could. His English also improved from day to day.

At the weekend in New York

He enjoyed the multitude of new impressions and the responsible tasks he was given. On the weekends, the program featured sports and sight¬seeing, and sometimes simply sleeping in. He visited Niagara Falls, Washington DC and New York City. The time passed quickly, and it is still more than fresh in Joshua‘s mind. „The next time I‘m in America, I will certainly visit my dear host Family", says Joshua.

The four weeks flew by, and the project went so well that we have established it at Bäumer. Every year, several trainees visit a subsidiary, and would not miss this experience for the world.

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