Trainee progress report

Selina Bender

apprenticeship: Mechatronics engineer

I gained many insights into working life through part-time jobs while I was at school, and these aroused my interest in technical jobs. I did not want to enter a "boring female profession", but rather something technically based, with many facets. I think that at Bäumer, I have found exactly what I was looking for.

I particularly enjoy tackling problems, trying to cope with them and then finally solving them.

It is good to see what you have achieved. You can see a result when the machine is fully set up and assembled.

Some positions are difficult when you have to stay in them, sometimes for hours, in order to reach certain parts of the machine. But if you are physically fit it is not as difficult as you might think.

If you consider the abilities that you develop, you first think of the technical skills. This is true, but my self-confidence and receptiveness have grown at least as much through various tasks and discussions with the other trainees, journeymen and senior staff, because at Bäumer you can simply talk to anyone, whether it is a trainee or a head of department.

My tip for new trainees:

Don't let others get ¬you down, and don't be afraid to make mistakes. I have also learned that healthy self-confidence also helps at work. Especially as a woman, you have to show the men what you are capable of. Most important of all: ask if you are not sure. Even if you have to ask several times, this is no problem. After all, you are there to learn.

Max Möbus

apprenticeship: Industrial mechanic

Through several internships in the field of industrial mechanics, I developed great interest in working with my hands, and noticed that I was pretty good at it. This is why it was very easy for me to choose my apprenticeship and also to choose the company where I wanted to train, since I had often heard that an apprenticeship at Bäumer is highly regarded and that you can learn a lot about yourself and the working world here.

I am really satisfied with my training at Bäumer, I enjoy my work, and today I am doing exactly what I'm good at. I particularly enjoy working with my colleagues when we assemble a complete machine together. The very precise tasks are tricky, when every millimeter counts.

I learned a lot in the training workshop, where you learn the fundamentals of filing and grinding right at the beginning. This then made me feel much more confident in the company. It also helped me to develop a confident manner.

My tip for new trainees:

The more you use your head, the more you will enjoy yourself. I also recommend that you try hard in school. If everything goes well there, you will also manage most things at work.

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