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Service 10/15/2021

Use Case: Russia's largest producer of flexible foams relies on Bäumer

Bäumer is a reliable partner to us in this regard. We bought our first machine back in 1982. We are currently expanding with a new facility in western Russia and we have Bäumer on board once again. It is particularly important to us that we have been able to integrate the older machines into our automation processes and operate on a fully automated basis using Bäumer equipment in our new facility. Bäumer not only offers new machines, it also upgrades older ones to bring them right up to date. This is something we took advantage of ourselves and our machines now all feature the latest technology.

We are the largest producer of flexible foams in Russia and have been doing business in this market since 1956. We produce and manufacture 90,000 tons of foam a year, which is used to create over 90 different products across our 10 factories in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Serbia. Our foam is cut in-house at our own cutting centers.

Dmitry Nischev, Purchasing Manager

Just as it is for many other manufacturers, the pressure to fully automate our processes is incredibly high and our production has to run seamlessly to ensure we can fulfill our order volumes.

As all of our subsidiaries have to order their spare and wear parts directly through me, I am left with very little time and yet still have to maintain an overview of everything that’s going on. This is why well-functioning processes and reliable service providers are incredibly important to me, as I need to be able to count on things that make my life easier, not more difficult. The Bäumer blanket purchase agreement is brilliant for me in this regard, not only in terms of getting hold of band knives, but also when it comes to the accompanying benefits such as discounts, delivery ex works, and payments on account.

We have tried out knives from other manufacturers in the past, but they have never matched up to the quality of workmanship or service life of those from Bäumer. The range of Bäumer band knives is constantly expanding, which is something we take full advantage of.

It is also important to me that we always receive the correct parts when we place an order. After all, we can’t – and don’t want to – wait days for spare parts only to find the wrong ones have been sent. With Bäumer, everything runs as smoothly can be with no fuss: All I have to do is send our machine number and a photograph of the spare part we need and I will receive the correct item in no time at all. Even the shipping process is quick and straightforward. Having such a flexible supplier that is prepared to accommodate our specific shipping requests is not something we take for granted. And when it comes to our customs clearing processes, which are sometimes incredibly long-winded, we need a partner that can support us every step of the way.

If ever we encounter a technical problem, whether that’s when installing spare parts or upgrading an older machine, we know we can rely on enthusiastic support and guidance from the hotline to ensure we can establish the cause in no time. The professionalism and experience of the hotline technicians is just incredible. Our machines have to run smoothly, and this is something I can always count on with Bäumer as our partner.

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