Service 23/06/2020

Use Case: Remote commissioning in Mexico

Necessity is the mother of invention. How true this saying became during the Corona crisis is very clear. When from one day to the next travel bans were imposed and borders closed, our field service technicians also had to leave everything on the construction sites worldwide and travel home. One of our affected customers was Ikano Mexico - the new contour cutting machine could not be assembled completely. But we are very proud to say, that we finished the project successfully!

Modern commissioning thanks to COVID-19

Already 90 percent of the OFS-HE3 had been mechanically completed by one of our technicians at Ikano Mexico when COVID-19 intervened.
Of course giving up was not an option and so our service technicians got creative together with the customer.
To be able to complete the installation and commissioning, Bäumer and Ikano used the digital solution B+ Connect. Connected via the digital tool, our engineers instructed the employees on site. They completed the machine doing the final cabling and the commissioning of the production lines.
Mr. Felix Guajardo, Ikano Mexicos Technical Manager, explains: 'COVID 19 took us all by surprise. When we thought everything had a plan and was under control we suddenly found ourselves in a situation where things simply could not continue their normal course and plans needed to be reconsidered. Although an option could have been to just stop the plans and wait until everything got to its normal conditions, we quickly started to look for solutions and ways to continue the activity in the safest way possible. Fortunately, Baeumer shared the same vision, since they always showed the same interest to continue with the installation and commissioning of the machine. Baeumer developed a plan for us with specific instructions and procedures, so we could complete the mechanical installation of the machine by ourselves and test the machine with their support in a remote way. With the use of common resources such as face time calls, text messages and more sophisticated solutions like B+ Connect, we were able to successfully complete the machine and cut samples on time, according with the project timing. I’d like to thank Thomas Gricko, the service technician, who lead us throughout this process with very good experience and patience and always took care of the safety of our technicians on the site.'
To be honest: This is not as easy as it sounds. The employees on site at Ikano are highly qualified and experienced and above all, they were determined to make the project a success. Finally, commissioning was carried out by remote control. A complete success! The machine runs smoothly and now reliably cuts mattresses.
Of course such a procedure is not yet the norm. The commissioning of a machine requires a high level of technical competence and can also bring challenges. In this case, however, we are more than happy about the successful application and an innovative completion by using digital solutions.
'We are also satisfied with
…. the service support and the right attitude of the technicians
…. the functionality of the machine
…. the follow up on the project
…. the willingness to continue with the project', explains Felix Guajardo from Ikano Mexico.

We are proud that we were able to build this digital bridge successfully.
A big thank you to Ikano for the great cooperation
'We are glad to have Baeumer as our partner during this journey.'
– Ikano Mexico

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